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IBIS is an IT outsource company with expertise in blockchain and fintech software, as well as CeFi and DeFi services.

our specialty

Mobile banking and wallets

We show that the possibilities of mobile banking are much wider than it seems. Our solutions provide clients with the ability to wipe off borders between fiat and the digital currency world. Start earning profit using modern fintech trends and become on the way to hi-tech. 

smart contracts

The IBIS team has extensive experience in creating smart contracts on different blockchains so you can be sure of the result. We can offer the necessary online tools to simplify the work with programmed smart contracts.

Consulting of fintech and blockchain projects

Our consulting team will provide legal and technical assistance to clients who want to enter the fintech market and explore its possibilities. Any idea needs a person who knows how to implement it. We use all our experience for you

Cefi and Defi Payment Solutions

IBIS makes centralized and decentralized solutions for all types of businesses through integrated fintech services. Dive into the world of simplified payment transactions with IBIS

fiat - currency and digital currency - fiat methods

The seamless connection between fiat and digital currencies makes it possible to work with the exchange quickly and conveniently. Software, security and liquidity gateways are our team's responsibility

Exchange and P2P solutions

If you need to make your own liquidity pool and conduct more profitable exchanges, our team will develop, launch and provide technical support for cex, dex and p2p services

The Web 3.0 application market grows by 43.7% every year

The global Web 3.0 application market reached $3.2 billion in 2021 and with an expected CAGR of 43.7% will reach $81 billion by 2030
By Emergen Research
1990 y.
+ 14.5%
web 1.0
Basic HTML,
2000 y.
+ 29.2%
web 2.0
Informative and interactive
2020 y.
web 3.0
Decentralized, private
and secure User-centric


React JS
React Native

Our cases

Processing is a payment tool that provides quick and safe payments from customers towards merchants.  Our digital currency payment processing system allows you to use all the advantages of digital currency and provides an opportunity to expand your business customer base.
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Exchange and P2P solutions
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mobile experience

The IBIS team was tasked with the implementation of digital currency payment using a plastic card. Seamlessness between web3 and fiat has become a major requirement

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NFT has already opened new horizons for digital ownership and creative expression to the WEB3 community.  Our NFT-marketplace is a ready-made platform for creating and selling NFT tokens. 
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Blockchain fork with customization
Our product allows you to establish simple and understandable relationships with the community
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It is important to consider blockchain technology from the point of view of working towards the future, and not for the purpose of "easy money". Web 3.0 technologies will help achieve absolute meritocracy
CPO Maxim Kurbangaleev

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